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Our Vision

Imagine Peace Center

Imagine Peace Center offers an interactive journey toward peace through education, creative expression, connecting with spirit, and understanding that nonviolence is a choice. Peace begins with each one of us. We are a mirror…we can choose to reflect a state of joy, love, and kindness.

By making the choice we become like the pebble tossed into the water becoming a ripple of change.

Imagine Peace Center is a place to come together to learn all the special ways we are different, so we can see all the wonderful ways we are the same. 



A Year of Gifting

This past year I’ve had the priviledge to volunteer my time at different charities in the Denver area.  There are so many wonderful organizationsout theredoing amazing work in the community.  At the end of the year I was reflecting on what I can do to give back in 2011.  I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and donating time and money.  I’ve found that through gifting I gain not only insights about others, but insights about myself. 

I made a decision to go on a sacred journey this year and decided it would be fun to go on that journey with my Imagine Peace Friends.  I’m calling it A Year of Gifting.  The way it will work is that each week a different charity or group of charities  will be the recipient of our gifts.  The financial commitment will be to gift anywhere from  $3 to$10 a week per participant and there may be opportunities to donate time, as well.  The amount of money isn’t as important as the commitment to give something.    You will be given information about the charity and a link to read more and how to give directly to the charities via online or their address, so no middle man/woman.

We will learn about amazing charities locally, nationally, and internationally, who are creating a better world one vision at a time.  In addition, we will learn about ourselves and become more prosperous during our journey.  Once every  quarter, or so, I’ll arrange a place for those who want to share their experiences and how their lives have become more abundant from the journey....Click here to learn more 






A Year of Gifting Week 33

Mission of Healing Eyes


This week I found my inspiration for  A Year of Gifting through my own experience with a recurring eye challenge I've had for the past 4 years. I was guided to a wonderful eye doctor last year, Dr. Jim Conahan, and this past week at the most inopportune time I had a flare up the night before an important meeting for a new job position.  I've learned over the years if I don't treat my condition early on it becomes quite painful and disruptive and Dr. Conahan and his staff were kind enough to squeeze me so I could still make it to my training session.  This was such a comfort and relief to me.   It's amazing how much we can take our eyesight for granted, but during this process I've learned to appreciate the gift of vision.  Before I left I decided to pick up one of his business cards so I could call him with an update as he had requested.  I was a little hesitant to take the card because it was the last one on his table, but it's such a blessing that I did because it was not a business card that I picked up it was information about a special organization that Dr. Conahan and his wife founded called Mission of Healing Eyes, and their mission is to give the gift of vision to people who are in need.  Please join me this week and donate a minimum of $3-$10.00 to provide the necessary support to Mission of Healing Eyes and give this week give the gift of sight.  Dr. Conahan thank you for your compassion and for your meaningful Vision!


About the Mission of Healing Eyes

The Mission of Healing Eyes got its start when Dr. Jim and Molly Conahan and their 3 children, Megan, Matt, and Brian, answered God's call and started a small clinic in Ixtapa, Mexico. In 2006, 45 cataract surgeries were performed. The mission and has grown to over 325 vision restoring cataract surgeries, 500 eye exams, and 1,000 reading glasses distributed per year.


To Donate-


How Can I Help?

The cost of cataract surgery in the United States is approximately $2,500 per eye. Our mission volunteers do a vision restoring cataract surgery for $50! Would you like to share in the Joy  of our mission? The Mission of Healing Eyes accepts monetary donations through the "Joy to the World Foundation". Please write your check to "Joy to the World Foundation" put in the memo section "Mission Of Healing Eyes." Send  your tax deductible contribution to:

Jim Conahan MD

267 W. Sylvester Place

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129



"There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark."

Helen Keller


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