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Dear Imagine Peace Family,

In June we held an incredible five year anniversary celebration.  These past five years have been filled with amazing people, wonderful events, fabulous dreams and lots of personal growth.   Some of our accomplishments have been; creating a special and creative network of people to support our dream over the years; a sold out first event with 250 participants held at The Denver Marriott, filled with moving speakers and entertainers; a learning curve with our adventure at Red Rocks; 20 fantastic Imagine Peace Talks; and lots of phenomenal gatherings and memories. 

Imagine Peace Foundation will be taking a break for the rest of the year to reenergize, revise the website, look for new board members (I‘ll send out more info about this at a later time), and to find people committed to join our vision as we move forward.  We’re still accepting donations to operate our website and to plan upcoming events next year.  Consider donating $5-$20 per month to support the foundation. 

Stay tuned to our website for further announcements.  We’ll send out updates as we have details throughout the year.  We appreciate each of you and wish you many blessings and much joy and peace!





Past Peace Talks

February Peace Talks






 February's featured peace guest was Chet Sisk. Please see the photo album below with a few of the pictures from the event.


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September Peace Talks



On September 22nd, we acknowledged the wonderful first year journey of the Imagine Peace Talks. We were fortunate to have most of the year's past speakers join us in a celebration. In addition to the conversations about peace, we enjoyed an old fashioned ice cream social. This was the last Imagine Peace Talk of 2007. Please stay posted for next year's peace talks.
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June Featured Peace Guests



Lorraine Moller and Harlan Smith run the Khemu Institute based in Boulder, Co for research into biofield technologies, different energy modalities and consciousness explorations. Lorraine was a professional marathon runner for many years, winning the Boston Marathon and competing in four Olympic Games, and won a bronze medal in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. After retirement Lorraine and Harlan met an Australian healer named Cameron Dawson in 2004. He astounded them as they witnessed seemingly miraculous and instant structural changes in person after person. On word of mouth alone, people lined up for a session with Cameron. Cameron taught his system of energy balancing derived from his lifetime study of native and ancient healing modalities to a group including Lorraine and Harlan. Cameron has passed on shortly thereafter. Today Harlan and Lorraine use The Dawson Program to work with both athletes of all abilities, as well as any person interested in living to their fullest potential. 

May's Featured Peace Guests


BonnieStarr Mandell-Rice – Representing the Appreciation Room – Bonnie is a Consciousness Integration and Transformative Coach, an intuitive healer and a former attorney. Her healing practice and her coaching stem from her lifelong fascination with the evolution and awakening of consciousness. She believes in individual’s responsibility to be peace. In her not-yet published book, "Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy," BonnieStarr says, “For there to be peace in the world, much will have to be forgiven. The world, however, can only forgive through each of us.” Neale Donald Walsch has called BonnieStarr “one of the most articulate messengers “of the New Spirituality” I’ve come across in a long time.”



April Featured Peace Guest



Donna DeNomme – Representing the Rejuvenation Room - Donna is the author of the award-winning book, Turtle Wisdom: You get You!...Coming Home to Yourself. For over twenty-five years she has assisted clients with their healing, life enrichment, and spiritual development. She is an energy teacher, licensed spiritual coach, author, and speaker. Donna’s training and experience includes a degree in Human Development and Families Studies from Cornell University, an advanced certification in Spiritual Coaching, and many years training in alternative therapies and indigenous healing studies. Her passion is helping others’ to explore, expand, and deepen their sense of self and their unique way of being in the world. Voted Colorado’s “Spiritual Health Guru” by 5280 Magazine, she is a dynamic and engaging facilitator for personal growth.



 March Featured Peace Guest



Norbert Klebl – Representing the Conservation Room - spent 25 years in the corporate world in Europe and the USA.  After an extended sabbatical, he devoted his engineering talents to developing a self-sustained vacation village in Western Samoa.   It was proved that water and energy needs could be produced on-site; rainwater was collected and electricity was produced with a photo-voltaic system.  Currently he is master planning and designing a net zero energy community in Colorado where all buildings will be so well insulated and airtight, that passive solar and geo-thermal energy will allow heating and cooling with an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system.  The concept will reduce energy needs by 75% compared to current building practices and make sustainable residential buildings affordable.

February's Peace Talks at Skyline Sanctuary

Saturday, February 17th - Peace Guest was Joseph-Mark Cohen

Joseph-Mark Cohen is the founder and director of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers seminars and journeys to  sacred sites in Egypt, Glastonbury, Sedona, Brazil & throughout the Mediterranean world. He is the author of 3 books on the Kabbalah ( The Book of Gates, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook) , an epic earth mysteries poem Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle  ( in the mystical poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi ), plus a forthcoming novel : The Unicorn Messiah. His home is the Crystal Dome Retreat overlooking Kootenay Lake not far from Nelson, British Columbia.
 Be sure to visit   to sample a few appetizers from these works. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric and mystical teachings down to earth. His workshops are pure magic !

 Joseph-Mark Cohen shares his wisdom and enthusiasm

 Imagine Peace Foundation hosted its largest group ever with over 40 people in attendance!!!




Saturday, January 20th, 2007 - Peace Guest was Peggy Yujiri

Peggy Yujiri serves as the Secretary General of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) for the Rocky Mountain region. UPF has sponsored numerous peace initiatives including the Ambassadors for Peace and MEPI (Middle East Peace Initiative). Three hundred community, civic and non-profit leaders are part of the Ambassadors for Peace of Colorado. A short DVD will be presented followed by an update on local initiatives. Peggy is a life-long peace activist who lives in Colorado with her husband and three teenaged children.



Saturday, December 16, 2006 - Peace Guest was Joan McWilliams


Joan McWilliams is an award-winning attorney and mediator in Denver, Colorado. She conducts a full-time peaceful dispute resolution practice through her firm, McWilliams Mediation Group Ltd. She is the author of the The PeaceFinder: Riley McFee's Quest for World Peace, a book that shows readers how to create world peace one person at a time. Her model for peace is based on scientific ideas, traditional global wisdom, and an expansion of the principles she uses in her mediation practice and in her classes as an adjunct professor of law.

Saturday, November 18, 2006 - Peace Guest was Ron Cole


Ron Cole is a Viet Nam era Naval aviator, former media chairman and spokesman for the Air Line Pilots Association, bi-partisan political activist and retired United Airlines Captain with two teenage sons. Currently, he is the Colorado state coordinator for the Campaign to Establish a U.S. Department of Peace as a bipartisan and pro-peace (not anti-war or anti-military) legislative effort that would research the root causes of violence both domestically and internationally, facilitate nonviolent solutions at several levels, and implement peace-making policies.

Saturday, October 21, 2006  - Peace Guest was David Hatch

David Hatch is the founder of the Skyline Sanctuary and Education Center located in Indian Hills. His vision is to convert all the 554 acres surrounding him into an international educational community that is both a retreat center and think tank for progressive, humane education and a facility for the hands-on education for thousands of school children from all across the world.  The intention is to bring together collaborative organizations to examine the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression and animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation, and to teach compassionate, peaceful solutions to these problems.

Saturday, September 23, 2006 - Peace Guest was Jeff Peckman


Jeff Peckman works for the Global Country of World Peace and is Assistant Director for the Maharishi Enlightenment Center and Ayurveda Health Spa in Cherry Creek. In 2003 he was the author and chief spokesperson for Denver’s "Safety through Peace" ballot initiative which attracted worldwide media. Jeff is also creating an online market for Peace-enhancing products and technologies to help grow the next global "megatrend" – a peace-based, spiritually conscious, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and sustainable economy.




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